HPL Fitness Bands



  • The 12 inch and 20 inch bands are not suitable to use for assisted pull-ups, benching, or squats . They won't work because they are too short, and the bands are not thick enough and therefore do not have the necessary resistance. Do not attempt to use them for these purposes.
  • The 12 inch bands are for assisted exercises.
  • The 20 inch bands are for assisted excercises and dead lifts.
  • Band colors: Band colors change from time to time, and the bands shipped are not necessarily the same color as the colors pictured.  If color is an issue, please Contact Us  prior to ordering.


#1 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $10.00

#1 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $18.50

#2 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $15.00

#2 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $27.50 

#3 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $20.00


#3 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $36.50  

#4 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $25.00

#4 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $45.50

#5 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $30.00


#5 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $54.50 

#6 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $45.00 

#6 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $84.50

#7 HPL Performance Bands  (Single Band)  $55.00
#7 HPL Performance Bands  (Pair)   $105.50


HPL Performance Band Precautions

There has been a recent increase in people doing some incredibly ill-advised and reckless activities using our and other manufacturers’ bands.  Just because you see someone doing something on a YouTube video does not make it safe, or that you should attempt it.  We have absolutely no control over what people do with our bands after the purchase, so we offer the following information and disclaimer.

HPL Performance Bands are made from latex rubber.  Since latex is an organic material, it will degrade over time, and that is a fact.  In simple words everyone can understand, all bands (whether our bands or someone else’s) will eventually wear out and break.  It is just a matter of how and when.  If anyone one tells you that their bands don’t break, they are lying.  (Think of it as someone telling you that the tires on your car will never wear out or need to be replaced.) That being said:


  • Always inspect your bands carefully EACH TIME BEFORE USE for any tears, wear or damage. Performance Bands (like any rubber band, large or small) will eventually wear out and/or break over time.
  • Don't use a damaged band, don't over-stress them, and don't use them for something that they are not intended for.
  • Always wear eye protection.
  • Use common sense.
  • In purchasing bands, you agree to use them responsibly, and at your own risk. Bands are not toys. Human Potential Labs assumes no responsibility for injuries caused by wear, breakage or misuse.

Warning on
The Resistance Sprinting Exercise

There is a popular exercise making the rounds where a band is attached to a fixed anchor (door, pole, etc.) and you run with the band around you until it stops your progress.  In essence, the band is being stretched to its maximum resistance and travel capacity.  Most video examples of this exercise usually show one band being utilized.  The problem is that because of the stress, one band may quickly break, usually at the connection point.  So please read the following carefully:

  1.  If you are going to attempt this exercise (or any other), you do so at your own risk.
  2. At least four bands of equal size should be linked together in order to dissipate the energy being transferred to the bands.  We will not warranty the bands if less than four bands are used.
  3. Loop the bands together to connect them. Don't knot them together.
  4. Undo the loops after each use to prevent excessive wear at the contact points.
  5. We do not recommend that a door be used as an anchor point.  Doors are notorious for flying open at the wrong time, and may not be strong enough for the stress you are applying to them.  So don’t use a door as a connection point, and make sure that whatever you are anchoring to is strong enough to withstand the stress.

Forbidden Band Uses
(Ist Verboten!!!)

forbidden band uses

  • Bungee jumping
  • Towing vehicles
  • Giant slingshots
  • Tree swings
  • Water skiing towropes
  • Snapping them at another person
  • Letting children play with them
  • Darwin Awards qualifying activities
  • Things you see in cartoons like The Roadrunner
  • Bizarre sicko sexual devices
  • Any other irresponsible and/or ludicrous activity you can think of


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